Rue Porter is an exclusive supplier of luxury streetwear blanks. We are not a private-label service manufacturer, a print-on-demand app, a printer, or an embroiderer. We do not produce custom designs for brands. All garments are untagged and only comes with our signature custom size tags and respective wash labels.

What are your minimums?
We don't have any minimums.

Is your company sustainable? Do you practice ethical manufacturing?
Rue Porter uses custom-made 100% luxury quality cotton fabrics developed sustainably and free from harmful substances and chemicals. We practice ethical trade within our global supply chains & responsible working conditions. Additionally, we are proud to say that our mutiple factories operated globally have  certifications in accordance with fair-trade laws, sustainability, and manufacturing/labor regulations.

How can I buy wholesale?
You may submit your brand using the APPLY link. Your application will be manually reviewed within 1-3 business days and an email will be sent if approved.

How can I ensure my brand gets approved?
Our team manually and thoroughly reviews each application. We look over your IG accounts, website, read your concept, determine if you are a start-up or an established company, as well as any other relevant information to conclude if 1) it is a legitimate application and 2) if you are a reasonable fit for wholesale. Please be sure to have a website and/or Instagram account at the least before applying to showcase proof of your brand/company/concept.

Can we get samples?
Once your account is approved, you may buy samples and take advantage of our no minimum policy.

The wholesale discount is not being applied on my wholesale cart? 
If you are having issues with the checkout system, please send us a dm or email and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you by creating the cart/invoice manually.

We prefer to order directly and avoid ordering via the website. Can we submit a PO for larger orders?
Yes. Approved accounts may submit their PO for larger orders directly to and an invoice will be sent via Stripe.

Do you accept PayPal? Can we do bank transfer?
Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal. For bank wire transfers, please contact us to arrange payment for your invoice.

I don't have a brand and just want to buy some for myself. Is this possible?
Yes, we accept purchases for personal use or sampling on our consumer sample store.

Can you print, label, or embroider my designs?
We now provide a special DTG Print service exclusively for European based brands called Rue Porter Studios. This service does not offer screenprints or embroidery. Unfortunately, we also do not provide printing, embroidery, or labeling services within the US or any other regions outside of Europe.

Can you manufacture my own design?
No. Unfortunately, we do not provide private label manufacturing services. We are a blanks supplier, not a manufacturer.

Do the products have branding/tags?
All products only come with a size tag strategically aligned on the wearer's left and a second size tag and wash label within the side seam.

Can I dropship?
We are not a print on demand company and we do not do drop shipping.

When will new colors or styles be available?
All of our fabrics & colors are custom developed sustainably and strategically. As we focus on quality vs quantity within our offering, we plan to slowly add new colorways and styles every season to our catalog. Please follow us on Instagram for the most current announcements.  

Where are you based?
Our company was established and is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

Where do you ship from?
We ship all orders from our distribution center in Los Angeles worldwide.

Will I pay duties?
Due to new European trade laws, international orders are subject to government duties.

When can I expect my order to ship?
Our processing time is immediate and orders are usually shipped on the same or next business day as long as products are in stock. However, please generally allow at least 2-4 business days. Back-ordered items take an additional 2-3 weeks. Please check product descriptions and/or current announcements for specific shipping periods.

My account was approved. How do I make a purchase?
Simply log in and navigate to wholesale store.

DM: Hello / Hi / Hey
Due to a very high volume of messages received daily, we will only respond to full inquiries on instagram with a focus on existing customer service. If we have not replied to your DM, it's most likely because your question is answered on our FAQ.